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The first international Bienniale of Glass in Bulgaria

Our vision

International Biennale of Glass is an event, which combines the various manifestations of glass in the world of art, education, science, ecology, industry, and is related to responsible lifestyle practices. The biennale week takes place in several cities in the months of September-October each two years. The year of the biennale is dedicated to events concerning various manifestations of glass as a medium of expression, production and consumption. The program within the period of one year – the year of the biennale, includes workshops for children, lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions, installations, campaigns etc.

Our vision is a community where art becomes an integral part of peoples' lives. To bring that vision into reality, we inspire glass artists around the world to work, exhibit and share their knowledge, with the only aim to evolve art glass in Europe and especially in its eastern region. We recognize specific values as essential for reaching our vision and mission. As a team of artists ourselves we pledge that our appearance in the field of fine arts is governed by: respect, cooperation, quality, novelty, development of knowledge, inspiration and positive thinking.


Assoc. Prof. Konstantin Valchev

My research as an artist is inspired mainly by glass as it differs substantially from the other traditional materials. I am trying to emphasize the qualities and possibilities of glass, whose power of impact is entirely related to light. My intention is to concentrate and compile the light through a combination of various in form, size and thickness plastic volumes in a certain object, sculpture or composition, which in turn manage to refract, radiate, absorb and reflect the light in a definite way…

The reason to initiate the International biennale of glass is related to the fact that the raw material for the creation of glass in Bulgaria is of high quality and I sincerely hope and believe in the renascence of the traditions in the glass industry and this sector in the economy altogether. Moreover, glass as a material infiltrates progressively in the fields of architecture and design. The academics of Corning define our time as the Glass Age.

The community of artists performing in the field of art glass needs an occasion that unites them by creating a connection between the authors all over the world. It is essential for the society to get acquainted with glass as a material and as a means of expression. Art glass is an enchantment, and as such, it has to be developed in Bulgaria, too. International biennale of glass is a feast, in which artists and industry present the magic glass world to the public, a feast in which we gather, exchange ideas and inspiration.

Gabriela Toncheva

Flora Diulgerian

coordinator of IBG in Varna, Bulgaria

Denica Todorova

coordinator of IBG in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Danko Kalchev

coordinator of IBG in Beloslav, Bulgaria

Elizar Milev

coordinator of IBG for National High School of Applied Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

Coordinators by June 2017

Sofia-Hara Hadzopoulou

chief coordinator of IBG

Aleksandra Veleva

chief coordinator of IBG


Graphic Design

Kristiyan Nakev

Alexandra Kostadinova

Designers by June 2017

Todor Georgiev

Galin Ganchev

Web design

Web development

Dimitar Bakardzhiev

Ivaylo Stoyanov

Nonka Hristova

IT project manager

Petar Ivanov


Alexander Tasev

workshop “Fusing and slumping”

Veselina Gekova

workshops for children

Dana Zamecnikova

Milan Krajicek

Ondrej Strnadel

hotshop - master glassblower

Rayna Taseva

workshops for children

Raya Sotirova

workshops for children

Stefan Velev

workshop “Fusing and slumping”

Rafa Abdon

Hector M. Flores

Gina Gaffner

Briana Schroeder

KT Ehrlich (aka Torchress)

Miroslav Dimitrov


Dana Zamecnikova

Denica Todorova

Elizar Milev

Zdenek Lhotsky

Milan Krajicek

Nathalie Angles

Momka Peeva

Markéta Váradiová

Iva Kolorenčová

Ioana Stelea

Dan Popovici