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The first international Bienniale of Glass in Bulgaria

General information

Strategic goal of International Biennale of Glass is the development of art glass in Bulgaria.

In order to achieve this goal, in harmony with our vision, we seek to invest in the evolution of knowledge and skills of young authors and promising students in high school. Thus, we provide scholarship for the education in glass art specialties in New Bulgarian university. Hence, we give the opportunity to young artists to expand their knowledge in the sphere of art glass, which in turn may stimulate their participation in other international symposiums. Our cooperation with schools, academies, universities, factories and ateliers in Bulgaria and abroad corresponds to our vision to develop the potential of present and future artists.

International Biennale of Glass awards three scholarships (two full and one partial), for glass specialties in New Bulgarian University, in the three academic degrees – one bachelor, one master, one PhD. The scholarships will be distributed to honorable students/undergraduates/graduates, chosen by an international jury. The candidates should fulfill some requirements to participate in the competition for a scholarship.

Rules and winners

Assoc. Prof. Konstantin Valchev

Zdenek Lhotsky

Dana Zamecnikova

Milan Krajicek