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We’re currently accepting applications for the next edition of the IBG (October, 2021).


Applicant Eligibility:

Any artist, with no limit on age, place of residence and professional level can submit their work.


Application Fee:



Application form instructions:

Please, make sure all the text in your entries is proofread. Note that, if your work is selected, the exact entered text will be used for the labels to present it at the biennale as well as in the catalog.

Please, respect capital and lower cases.


Image requirements:

JPEG photo with dimensions of a minimum of 300 DPI and minimum 3000 pixels on the wide side. Total upload shouldn’t exceed 15MB.

The name of the file should be the title of your work. If you are uploading more than one image of your work, add numbers at the end of the title. The first image in the row will be the one that is printed in the biennale catalog.

By sending those images, you authorize the biennale organizers to use them to present your work on the biennale website, on the biennale social media accounts, in the biennale official catalog or other printed presentations, at the biennale exhibition, as well as to communicate them to the press.


Application period

Application open: 28.12.2020

Online application deadline: 28.04.2021

*Please note that the Online entry applications submitted through the website must be received by 11:59 p.m. on April 28, 2021 (GMT +2)

Selected applicants will receive an e-mail notification by  28.05.2021

The shipping address for selected art pieces will be communicated to the participants.


You can download the full Applications requirements here:

Application requirements IBG 2021